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Moving on Out

Evolution is inevitable. Things change. It is not just children that grow up. Our ideas, concepts and creations also develop. Suddenly The Cheeseboard has come of age and is moving out of home.

The bloke is getting excited about getting the garage back. Understandingly, but to be honest even amongst the overwhelming logistics of the move I am feeling a small sense of loss. The Cheeseboard is no longer a fledgling, it is becoming a solid start up with its own character, needing more than I can offer to help it grow.

Like rising a child, it takes many people to bring a dream to reality. The Cheeseboard is no different. The logistics of building a cheese cave and shipping container shop is not a common project. Fortunately, the team involved have met the challenge with enthusiasm instead of bemusement. It is a project that has it challenges and I am constantly in awe of the creativity of the designers, the builder (my Dad), the tradies and our friend’s in the health and food safety department. Without them and their clever ideas things would be going a lot slower.

Even with all the help of family, friends and professionals my days are hectic and varied. As well as affinage and cheese cutting I find myself coordinating contractors, writing food safety plans, painting walls, business planning, selecting equipment and being a builder’s labourer. This is the joy of small business. You get to have a go at everything.

With the excitement of building and moving, time spent in the cave is a reprieve. It is where I regroup and reconnect with what The Cheeseboard is all about.

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