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Wendy from The Cheeseboard

About The Cheeseboard 

Wendy studied affinage in France. Working in the Mons caves at St Haon le Chatel and many years of travelling has exposed her to cheeses from around the world. She enjoys and respects all cheeses, but her passion is Australian cheeses. Especially unique cheeses made by small producers.


The Cheeseboard has grown from a respect for good cheese and passion for local food.  Fuelled by a belief that small scale farmers, including dairy farmers, should be able to earn a living, Wendy Downes, the founder, started learning as much as she could about cheese. Its history, the science, how to make it and how to age it. However, as an experiential learner, Wendy’s most valuable lessons have come from eating cheese and enjoying it with wine and beer. 

With this knowledge, The Cheeseboard, an affinage business aimed at supporting Australian artisan cheese was born. 


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