Cheese and Beer is back in town

Cheese and beer as a couple back on the A list. It is not new to enjoy cheese with beer, we just got side-tracked with wine and cheese. The pairing has been around since the invention of both cheese and beer by Neolithic man in about 6000 BC. Ancient cheese and beer may have tasted OK, but its pairing was perfected by medieval monasteries and abbeys many centuries later. Making both gave them the opportunity to wash cheese in beer to make it sticky, stinky and savoury. Washed rind is the classic beer cheese, but all cheeses can be paired with a beer. Especially now with the explosion of craft beers to choose from. The main reason cheese goes so well with beer is the bitterness of the hops. I

Mother of Baby Cheeses

A common questions is “What type of cheese do you make?” I feel a bit of a fraud admitting that I don’t actually make the cheese. I mature it. Maturation is part of the cheese making process, but it is not where the alchemy happens. It is not turning liquid milk into curds that can be mounded into shape. Cheese maturing is the part where the cheese, already formed, spends most of its time sitting in a cold dark room. While it looks like not much is happening, this is an exciting time in the development of a cheese. During this time the rind is formed and taste develops. It is a stage where the microbes are busy breaking down the proteins and fats to create the distinctive flavours and aromas

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