3 Australian artisan cheeses paired with your selected red wine, crispbread & locally made cheese paste. Red Wine Selection:

Holm Oak 'The Protege' Pinot Noir

Blowfly Wines bluebottle 2008 Merlot Grenache

Blowfly Wines 'Rogue' Merlot

Blowfly Wines 'Rogue' Chambourcin

Artium Shiraz 2017

Unico Zelo Harvest Pinot Noir - Supp. +$5

Hither & Yon Touriga 2019 - Supp. +$5

Hughes & Hughes Pinot Noir - Supp. +$15

Ministry of Clouds 2018 SV Blewitt Springs Shiraz - Supp. +$50

Cheese & Red Wine Gift Pack

Red Wine