Wahgi - Estate Blend is based on coffee from an estate in the Wahgi Valley region in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea and blended with coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia and Indonesia. 

Flavour: well-balanced flavours of mixed fruit and nut, dark chocolate with subtle sweet spice and hints of caramel and honeycomb. A complex coffee with a great character and depth.

Aroma: subtle, sweet spice.


Huli - Fair Trade Organic (FTO) Blend includes FTO coffee from Timor, Indonesia and Ethiopia. We have specifically used this coffee to help create a market to support the Timorese coffee growers. 

Flavour: chocolate and slightly fruity with hints of caramel, sweet melon and spice. A well-balanced coffee.

Aroma: chocolate and slightly fruity.


Finca - Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) Blend. Finca is the Spanish word for farm, and the base coffee used in this blend comes from a Mexican farm called Finca Kassandra. It also includes coffee from Fincas in Brazil, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Flavour: rich flavours of plum, raising and chocolate with a sweet citrus like acidity that is elegantly smooth and bold.

Aroma: cherry-like fruits and chocolate.


Wikka - Organic Blend includes coffee from Columbia and Tanzania, but is primarily based on a PNG Fair Trade Organic coffee from the Okapa region.

Flavour: sweet, delicate floral with notes of blackcurrant and toasted nut, with a lingering finish. A well-rounded, medium to full bodied coffee.

Aroma: the dry aroma has the same sweet scent as that of a plantation in flower.

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